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It’s as simple as our name. We send you boxes, you fill them, we pick them up, and we store them until the holidays return. Party it up. Pack it up. See it next year!

Get started for just $9 a month + handling.

Party it up

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Not that you need convincing, but think about it: we put up tons of shiny, lovely, glittery things all over our homes to make all the messes and in-laws and stresses somehow feel shiny, lovely and glittery, too. And it works like magic! Enjoy it.

Pack It Up

While it’s hard to say goodbye to the good times, after a few days—or weeks, no judgement—it’s time to take down the tinsel. You simply order as many boxes as you need, and once our Holiday Storage Boxes land on your doorstep, you pack them however you want.

See it Next Year

Once you're ready, shoot us a text. We'll send a courier to pick up your boxes, and they'll never be seen again. Kidding. You'll choose from 3 different week-long windows to get them back in time for the 2019 holiday season!

Where Your Stuff Will Live

Your baubles and wreaths will get an 11-month vacation in a secure, temperature, and climate-controlled storage facility in Little Canada, Minnesota. 


How much does this cost?

Our pricing is simple. $9 per month per box. We charge a $19 shipping fee on each order that covers both pickup and delivery.  Compare that to the smallest storage units, which typically run $60 per month, and no courier service there.


So how does this work?

First, choose how much you want to store and when you want it back.  Order as many 20"x16"x15" boxes as you'll need to store your stuff. At this time, you'll also choose the week in which you want it all back in 2019.

Pack it how you want it. You pack your boxes how you like them packed. Throw it all in with abandon? Sure. Bubble wrap each bulb on every string of lights? Up to you. We’re the box people, not the packing people.

Send it. All of our boxes come with prepaid shipping labels, so once your box or boxes are ready to go, simply text COURIER to 612-888-8217 to schedule your pick up.

See it Next Year. Before you wave goodbye to all your stuff for an 11-month vacation, don't forget to adhere your return date stickers next to the shipping labels.


Where are my precious items being stored? 

Woah, there. You probably shouldn't be sending us any heirlooms or fragile tree toppers that have been in the family for 3 generations, but know that if you did, they'd all be safe in our climate controlled fulfillment center in Little Canada, MN. Boxes are shrink-wrapped and stored until we send them back to you.


What if I need my items early?

Not a problem, we can update your account upon request. Please note that there is a $20 early access fee. 


What happens if my items get damaged?

With our courier approach, you don't need to worry about your boxes being tossed around a mail facility. However, we understand your concern for your stuff. Each box is insured up to $300, and you are welcome to buy additional insurance if you would like. Please keep in mind that we do not recommend fragile items. 


I have a question not covered in these FAQ's

Shoot us a text message, 612-888-8217

Party it up. Pack it up. See it next year.